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LevelOne FCS-5051 IP security camera voted number one in Holland
Dutch tech magazine PCM has conducted a series of tests on leading brands of IP security cameras in its September 2013 edition, and concluded that the LevelOne FCS-5051 stood out as the best overall performer.
WGR-6013 wins Award of the most Profitable Prize
The LevelOne WGR-6013 obtains Award of the most Profitable Prize from PC Station Magazine, Hong Kong, Aug-2012
LevelOne WBR-6805 wins PCM 2012 Best Performance Award
The LevelOne WBR-6805 300Mbps Wireless Travel Router has proudly gained the Best Performance Award 2012 issued in June 26 PC Market Magazine, Hong Kong.
GNS-1001 has gained award of "Editor Choice" from magazine PC Station
LevelOne GNS-1001 wins Editor Choice from PC Station magazine, Hong Kong in November issue.
LevelOne FBR-1161 wins the 3rd annual Tech Excellence Awards recognized by PC Magazine and T3, Greece.
The annual Tech Excellence Awards is a splendid recognition contributed from PC Magazine in Greece, participated by editors and readers's voting. LevelOne once again had won it for another year.
"CHIP Outstanding Award" promulgated LevelOne GNS-2000
CHIP Magazine Malaysia had promulgated the LevelOne's GNS-2000 with CHIP Outstanding Award in November issue.
LevelOne WUA-0616 wins "Recommended Award Silver" and featured in PC.COM
The LevelOne 300Mbps N_Max Wireless USB Adapter had won silver Recommended Award from PC. COM in Novemver issue with its impressive features and remarkable functions.
WBR-6011 wins "Recommended Award Silver" from PC.COM
The LevelOne N_Max Wireless Router WBR-6011 obtains silver Recommended Award in October from PC.COM by its high value in compact.
LevelOne WBR-6601 wins "Silver Award" from local HWM Magazine Malaysia
LevelOne WBR-6601, 150Mbps N Wireless ADSL2+ modem router was proudly graded in the testing report from local HWM Magazine Malaysia in October issue.
LevelOne WBR-6011 obtains "Silver Award" from local HWM Magazine Malaysia
The local Malaysian Magazine HWM has announced the incredible testing report from LevelOne's WBR-6011 in August issue.
WBR-6600 wins "CHIP Recommended Award" from CHIP Magazine Malaysia
LevelOne WBR-6600 wins CHIP Recommended Award in September 2010 CHIP Magazine Malaysia with regard to its exquisitely features and extra developments.
LevelOne PLI-2040 wins "CHIP Recommended Award" from CHIP Magazine Malaysia
LevelOne 200Mbps HomePlug AV Adaptor (PLI-2040) was awarded from CHIP Magazine Malaysia in August issue 2010 regarding to its splendid features and powerful performances.
LevelOne's WBR-6601 wins "Recommend Award" from Malaysia’s CHIP Magazine, July 2010
Steady and speedy transfer rates in both wired and wireless connections.
WBR-6003 wins the Best Price Award 04/2010 from PC Pr@xis Magazine, Germany
PC Pr@xis Magazine in Germany awarded the LevelOne WBR-6003 150Mbps N Wireless Router for its best price, high data rate and flexible antenna deployment.
WBR-6002 Wins "Recommend Award" from Malaysia’s CHIP mgazine
Don't let the plasticky feel fool you
WBR-6002 Wireless N Router receives "Silver Award” in Malaysia’s HWM magazine
Setting-up the WBR-6002 is fantastically easy
WBR-6020 and WUA-0616 gain a Gold Award from OVERCLOCKERHQ.
"Nice Design, Good Range, Large Mbps Rating, Nice Connection with both Products"
WUA-0605 wins a Gold Award from OVERCLOCKERHQ.
FNS-1020 gains Editors Choice Award from Hitech, issue no.585.
5 Star Rating for IP Camera with Infrared LEDs
Overclockershq.com offers top rating for advanced network camera
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